Massage on the Gold Coast

Best Massage Australia offers both in-clinic and mobile massage service, providing a high standard of remedial and holistic therapeutic treatment.

Private health rebates provided for approved clients.

Our Gold Coast clinic is registered and located in Southport. Bookings Essential.

Mobile Massage on the Gold Coast

We also provide a friendly, professional mobile massage service for you in the comfort of your own home, office, resort or hotel room anywhere on the Gold Coast.

All our massage therapists are fully qualified with Australian certification, and they’ll have you feeling like you’re indulging in a relaxing day spa style atmosphere as you give in to the peace & tranquillity enveloping you, whilst you enjoy your choice of our range of marvelous therapeutic treatments that we provide wherever you’re staying.

As holistic massage therapists, we do our best to get to know you as a person, so that we can take into account mental and social factors into our analysis, rather than just the symptoms, that way we look of the root cause of the problem and can assist you in getting the best treatments you need. And if we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to someone who can, because your well-being matters to us. Our massage treatments are not just massage treatments, they’re therapeutic life changing experiences.

We know self care is deeply important to your overall health and longevity, that’s why we offer such a diverse range of massage treatments to suit your needs and best interest. So book a massage treatment with us today and let us take good care of you. Then you can unwind, relax, revitalize, with the best massage experience Australia has to offer, because you’re worth it.

Once you’ve had the best, forget about the rest.

Whether you are looking for a pampering and relaxing day-spa retreat like massage or you require deep tissue or remedial work to treat specific ailments (or perhaps you’d like a combination of both) We guarantee that you will LOVE your treatment with us or you won’t pay a cent.

Call us today on 0403075003 to book your appointment, or alternatively, you can buy a gift voucher for someone special.



“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!” – Sir Henry Royce


There’s plenty of ‘cheap’ massage around on the coast, however more often than not you get what you pay for.

If you love truly great massages (like we do) then you’ll most likely agree that there’s nothing worse than getting off the table and feeling like you’ve just wasted your money!

Here at Best Massage Australia you can rest assured that you’re going to have an deeply relaxing, soothing and satisfying experience EVERY time – guaranteed!

Our client list includes lead singers from world famous bands, celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, So when you have a treatment with us you’re in very good hands.

You’ll find our commitment to quality and genuine care for our client’s health, well-being and satisfaction are second to none, and we stand by our reputation.

Ideal treatment length:

How long a massage should I have?

While many people are accustomed to getting 60-minute massages, we’ve found through our combined experience, after massaging countless of happy clients over the last 4 years that 90 minutes is significantly more beneficial than 60 minutes.

Why? Because the extra 30 minutes allows you ‘the client’ to reach deeper levels of relaxation (which further effects a reduction in stress) AND allows us ‘the massage therapists’ more time to focus on any problem areas you have, giving you a more effective, longer-lasting treatment.

It’s definitely worth the investment. In fact, our 90-minute sessions are my most popular!

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To make the most out of your 60-minute, 90-minute or 120-minute session, we invite you to ‘enhance’ your experience by including one or more of our excellent therapeutic add-ons or our indulgent aromatherapy-inspired sensory upgrades into your treatment time. Only the best for our clients!)


Organic Pomegranate Foot Scrub:

Lavender Scalp and Face Massage:

Infrared Light Therapy:

Guā Shā Chinese Detox Therapy:

Magnetic Cupping Therapy:


Clinic 1. Address: 12 Susanne Street, Southport Queensland 4215

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